Long trip to Boston

It’s a painful mission to take over 14 hours flight to go to Boston from Shanghai. The first segment flight from Shanghai to Chicago takes over 12 hours. I have never experienced staying a noisy plane for so long time. For saving the money, I have to take the economic class which is hard for me to move my legs. It make me almost exhausted when I take off the plane.
I rush to the US Customs and Border together with the crowds as soon as I take off the plane. And I realized the waiting in a snake line is not the only tradition in China. After about 45 minutes waiting, I come to a US officer and hand in the I94 claim form. He checked my visa and the form then ask me to leave the finger prints. However, I am very tired and nervous, hands are wet so that he challenged me for why I am here and what’s for in US and asked for invitation letter. However, I have no invitation letter with me except the visa. So that I explained detailedly to him and get through finally. It will be remarkable if I am not allowed to go into US even after 12 hours flying. It is very successful to go through the Customs. It is also a long way to get transported to the domestic flight gate. I need to take the ATS(automatic transportation system) train to get to Terminal 1. Headache and headache, I am losing power during the waiting in the Chicago airport. Finally, I get to Boston at about 9 pm. It took me about 30 minutes to find my luggage and another 10 minutes plus 2 roaming calls to find the limo car.  Fortunately, I get in a Lincoln car which is luxury and nice. My head almost broke when I get to the hotel. The first thing I want to do is sleeping. However, I only take 2 hours sleep then woke up. I need to force myself to fall in asleep and get refreshed.
I woke up early in the morning and have a nice breakfast. I enjoy the one side up made by a US guy. I took a shuttle bus to get to the office early. The office looks like beautiful. Every guys here are very cool and stylish but ladies are all fat.
No more to report, but very tired now. Headache again…